Outpatient Drug Rehab in Alberta

In Alberta there are two types of outpatient drug rehabilitation programs: those that are run by the government and those that are privately funded.

The most popular type of outpatient drug rehabilitation programs in Alberta are the ones that are government funded. The reason for this is the cost. The government wants to make sure that every single person in Alberta who is addicted to drugs has access to the treatment that they need. Government funded outpatient drug rehabilitation programs make it possible for every person, no matter what their economic situation, and can get the counseling that they need.

The biggest problem with Alberta's government funded programs is funding. None of these programs ever seem to have enough money. The result of the limited funding means that there are resources that the government funded centers are unable to take advantage of.

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The limited funding also has an impact on the quality of counselors that are employed by the outpatient drug rehabilitation facility. The problem is that they are usually very inexperienced. The average counselor is usually straight out of school. On the other hand, the younger, less experienced counselors are usually less jaded.

Privately funded outpatient drug rehabilitation programs are often for profit organizations. They provide excellent care, but they always have an eye on the bottom line. Since the privately owned programs need to compete with the government funded programs, the private clinics need to provide the addicts that enroll in the private program with something more than they would get at the government programs.

One of the differences is the length of the program. The government has set up their drug treatment programs to conclude after just 90 days. When this time is up, the addict is cut loose so that the government can help another one. If the counselors at the privately funded program feel that an addict needs more counseling, they just need to extend the program.

The other difference between the privately funded programs is that the counselors. Many of the private facilities have actively recruited their counselors. Many of the private counselors originally started at the government funded programs. In addition to being well educated these counselors are also very experienced.

Most privately funded programs are small, which means the counselors are able to work one on one with the addicts. This personalized attention means the counselor can customize a program to really support each addict’s individual needs. The customized program increases the chances that the addict will overcome their drug problem.

More and more privately funded programs are starting to get away from the traditional 12 step approach to helping people overcome their addiction and are instead adding holistic theories to their programs. For some addicts, these holistic approaches are very useful.

It doesn't matter if a drug addict is participating in a government run outpatient drug rehabilitation program or if the spend the money on a private program, if the addict isn't willing to overcome their addiction, they will end up hooked on drugs when the program ends.


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