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Drug Rehab Centers in British Columbia

Drug Rehab Services is a no-cost referral agency in B.C for drug and alcohol dependency. We have helped thousands of individuals get help in the following services:

  • Heroin addiction
  • Long term drug treatments
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Detox centers
  • Private drugs and alcohol rehabs
  • Prescription drugs dependency

Our goal is for you to get the best advice possible for treatment so you or a loved one gets a decent life drug free. British Columbia has a variety of drug addictions, which can really mess a person up. Those people have to get into a drug rehab center or something of the sort so as to overcome their addiction.

counselors bottom canada

counselors bottom canada

Rampant Drug Problems In British Columbia

Throughout British Columbia, there are now over 135 different criminal organizations and enterprises. Unfortunately, the violence is very widespread and is continuous. Gang members are shot on a regular basis, and innocent bystanders are caught in the crossfire, while all directly related to the drug trade in Vancouver. There are billions of dollars a year at stake, and these gangs are always looking for new territory and new profits. There have been a record number of gangland slayings in British Columbia over the past years, and the majority of these members killed are mid-level front line drug dealers. These people can be helped with drug rehab centers and there are some located in British Columbia itself.

British Columbia has an ever-increasing problem with marijuana, and more precisely from the operation of "pot farms."

The province's marijuana industry is apparently worth over $7 billion. "It is still a very diverse illicit market per se," said Supt. Brian Cantera, who heads the RCMP's regional drug section. "It has still got the potential for huge profits and there are those who are fighting over those profits. If you take a look at the level of violence we've seen, there are a lot more gang-related homicides or mid-level drug trafficking homicides than we've seen in the past," Cantera said. When police raided a house of a gang member this year, they found a score sheet that indicted $900 thousand worth of drug transactions. The gang actually bought two airplanes to smuggle drugs across the border. A freelance transporter who was a tow-truck driver was arrested just outside of Sacramento California transporting seven million dollars worth of Canadian ecstasy, and also had on him over $400 000 in cash.

There are several drug rehab centers located in British Columbia. There are residential rehab centers, detox centers, outpatient rehab centers, etc. All of those rehab centers can really help a person through their hard time quitting a drug. They can offer their professional services in helping the person both physically and mentally. Those good drug rehab treatments are really the best option for an addict.

When the time comes to choose a drug and alcohol treatment program in British Columbia, you may find that it will become very confusing. The research for drug rehab centers is difficult to carry out as you will receive differing information from one drug program to another. Some drug rehab centers will try to tell you that they have the best addiction rehabilitation program. Others won't be able to give you a success rate or will be very vague and provide complex responses regarding their rehab center success rates. Now, how can a drug or alcohol rehab program not able to give you a success rate? Either they don't have any, or they have sub-par follow-up treatment.

We have researched and compared all the drug treatment programs in British Columbia. Before we go on let's take a look at our philosophy.

We never refer people to drug rehabs in British Columbia that employ any prescription drugs to cure an addiction. Our belief is that. However, easy and wonderful it may seem; a pill does not provide a cure for addiction. Addiction to drugs and alcohol doesn't work like that. Addiction is an inability to deal with life. The addict is not in control of their life and drugs or alcohol becomes a solution for the overwhelming feelings caused by their lack of control over life. So how can a medication increase those abilities to be more in control over daily life? It cannot. What it does is numb the problems and will not solve them.

In terms of the most popular drug used on Vancouver Island, crack/cocaine addiction and cocaine addiction come up at the top of the list.

There are many short term detox centers in British Columbia as wellas a few private substance abuse treatment centers, as well as some government-funded programs as well.

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