Drug Detox in Hamilton, Ontario

Whenever an addict takes the decision to enroll in one of Hamilton’s drug detox program, it is really a big step for them. They are taking the very first move towards repairing their life. The admission into a drug detoxification center also means that the addict has taken a hard look at their situation and realized that the only way they are going to overcome their dependency on drugs is if they get professional help.

It is very important that the addict’s family is willing to help out while the addict is getting through their drug addiction. The detoxification process alone will take anywhere from three to seven days depending on the type of drug taken and how often. After their stay in the detoxification center, the addict will have to spend at least twenty-eight days in a residential rehabilitation program.

It is expected that during the detoxification process, the addict goes through severe physical withdrawal symptoms, which can include:

The more relax the addict is while going through the withdrawal process the easier their detoxification will be. The addict needs to be focused on what is happening to them, they cannot be worried about their family and their home. It is up to the family to assure the addict that the things that are important in his life, like their pets and children, will be taken care of until they can get back home. When the addict knows that everything is going to be okay, they will be able really to focus on their therapy and learn how to live without drugs.


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