Alcohol Treatment in Edmonton, Alberta

If you are unsure of what actions to take if you or a friend has trouble with alcohol, contact us free of charge, and we will discuss the possible treatments with you.

General Situation

Edmonton is growing city that is suffering from growing pains. Its population and population density in conjunction with its public transportation system make for a unique set of problems. As the city grows there needs to be actions taken to prevent a further increase in driving while impaired.

Edmonton's metropolitan nature and relatively large population make for a complicated set of problems that may require intricate solutions. It appears as a city of people who know what needs to be done, but is unable or refuses to execute. The biggest worry from many is that the seemingly indifferent majority will unknowingly cause a further propagation of alcohol abuse. Without swift and precise action there will be no improvement. Edmonton's alcoholism statistics will rise if the city does not increase its prevention programs.

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Teenage Alcohol Problems

With Edmonton's large population comes a large number of young people. And with that inevitably comes large numbers of young people drinking. This problem presents itself in many tragic ways. The death of teens as young as 14 from drugs and alcohol strikes a chord in many people's hearts, but doesn't cause much change in the situation that allowed it to happen. Without that change the same things will continue to happen perpetually.

Edmonton hosts a large number of young adults who are more likely to encourage, condone and provide underage teens with alcohol than older people. Combined with the general acceptance of underage intoxication, there isn't anything stopping most teens from deciding to drink. Both the teens and young adults need to be taught the consequences of teen drunkenness before having to experience them firsthand.

Driving While Impaired

Most major cities have problems with driving while impaired. Edmonton has a fairly low population density making motorized transportation all but mandatory. Edmonton as a city seems to recognize the steps needed to bring down the number of impaired drivers, but has trouble following through on those plans. For instance, a bus system that ran twenty-four hours a day would provide a way for people to drink on Friday nights and safely make it home. This was discussed and generally thought to be a good idea that should be implemented and referred to not as a possibility, but a reality that was coming eventually. It eventually still has yet to come despite the consensus, years ago, that twenty-four-hour a day’s public transportation would be a boon for the city.

On the upside, the police could be gaining more tools to use in the fight against drunk driving. One that may one day be used is random breathalyzer screenings. It has been shown to decrease fatalities elsewhere, but of course, there is an issue. Lawyers are now arguing that random screenings would infringe upon rights. At this rate the only thing sure to progress is the rate of impaired driving. These procedures help for Edmonton's alcoholism but do not handle it completely.

Treating Alcohol Addictions

Edmonton's population is a double-edged sword when it comes to treatment for alcohol abuse. On the one hand, it has more resources than most other places available to treat those who need it. On the other hand, the higher rate of those in need eats those resources up. Neighborhoods that were once safe homes to families have now suffered from lack of intervention. Cities often have higher rates of homelessness and prostitution. That necessitates a far higher allocation of resources towards treatment of alcohol addiction or else the problem only gets progressively worse.

With size also comes bureaucracy. Whereas in a smaller city or town there mayor would have time to examine and execute on plans like increasing availability of treatment in a large city there simply aren't enough hours in the day for a single person to make sure everything that needs seeing to is handled. People can also access an alcohol treatment center in Alberta. Most of them are provincially funded.

Alcohol-Related Violence

Untreated alcoholism puts innocent people at risk daily. A bus driver was brutally beaten by an intoxicated man and ended up in intensive care for days. The newspapers are filled with cases of drunken adults in their thirties fighting teens, drunken people fighting police officers, innocent bystanders and each other. The drunkenness shouldn't be tolerated at the expense of the law abiders. The tools required to stem the violence are well known. The thing holding them back is not the difficulty, cost or complication of application, but public opinion on their use. Helpline can help if you are in need of alcohol detox and drug rehab in Edmonton, Alberta.

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