How Do You Help Someone With an Oxycodone Addiction?

Someone you love has an oxycodone addiction. What is oxycodone and what does it do? It is a pain reliever found in some prescription medications that are prescribed such as when a person has chronic back pain or has been injured in some way. The brain has found out it likes this new visitor to the body and develops its own criteria for when and how much the body needs. Unfortunately, the brain is usually wrong when it does this and thus an addiction begins.

A pain reliever such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen is wonderful to have, but you must be very careful and never share a prescription pain reliever with someone. Yes, you have good intentions but that person with the bad headache or the sore joint could end up becoming addicted and would then be seeking it through his own doctor, begging for your prescription, even going online to the cyber pharmacies and getting it that way.
So how would you help someone who develops an oxycodone addiction? The same way you would if the problem was an illicit drug or an alcohol problem. You would encourage him to face his problem and seek help for it immediately.

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Prescription medication addictions are on the rise and seeking a physician's help is one of the important first steps. The person who has developed the problem may be in denial, just as he would be with any other drug or with alcohol, so it is advised that you call a helpline and get professional advice from a counselor. You will find that the route taken with other addictions is followed for oxycodone addiction as well with a few variables as every addiction is as individual as the person who has it.

Withdrawing from oxycodone has similar traits to withdrawal from other drugs. Irritability will be tantamount, so will other normal symptoms like sweating and nausea along with others such as cramping and diarrhea. It is important that a detoxification of oxycodone takes place where it can be monitored by medical professionals just as it is were it any other drug.

The bottom line is that anyone who takes any type of drug, prescribed, illegal or even cigarettes or alcohol, facing an eventually life-threatening situation. Withdrawals occur at different levels. Get your loved one in with professional counselors and physicians who will put his health and safety first. Treat it as it is: something that has taken control over your loved one. How do you help someone with an oxycodone addiction? The same as you would someone with any other addiction. Furthermore, a drug rehab can be applicable in some cases.

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