Alcohol Treatment in Langley, BC

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Just like the rest of the Canadian nation, British Columbia has its fair share of alcohol problems. It is an unavoidable situation among every single province within this beautiful nation. Fortunately, some cities are nowhere near as bad as others. For instance, the city of Langley is an excellent example to study.

About Langley, BC

The city of Langley is located east of Surrey. Like Surrey, Langley is located within the Metro Vancouver area. To the west lies Abbotsford, yet another major city within British Columbia that features quite a few alcohol problems. Considering these three factors, Langley should be in dire need of assistance; however, this is not the case. While there are some alcohol problems, the city only has a population of twenty-five thousand. This means that there is no possible way the city could be overran by alcohol-related problems. That being said, it is crucial to examine the minor problems that are present.

Alcohol Problems in Langley, BC

The alcohol problems found within Langley are definitely minimal, though that is not to say that they do not exist. The city of Langley has a very low population, but at the same time, it is located in between two larger ones. Therefore, the problem is not necessarily a result of the habitants, but more so passersby.

Langley Youth

As always, the teenager and college population is to blame for the alcohol-related issues within Langley. Most people over the age of thirty are hardworking residents. These people either commute to Abbotsford, Surrey, or Vancouver; however, the norm is to travel to Vancouver. The youth of Langley is a different story though. These individuals travel to bigger cities such as Surrey, which has a population of above four-hundred thousand. It is also common for teenagers and college students to travel to Vancouver. It is in these large cities that teenagers and college students consume alcohol and binge Definition of the word drink, which on occasion develops into an addiction or dependency.

Furthermore, it has been proven through scientific means and social analysis that these teenagers and college students do not have the mental awareness to deal with such issues. Their brains have no developed in full, and they are still learning about what is right and what is wrong. Another factor when it comes to the youth of Langley is the fact that they do not think about the long-term consequences. For instance, a student may think about relieving stress after an examination period by drinking. This scenario often ends in binge drinking of some sort. Instead of thinking about this, students should be examining the long-term effects. While it is okay to have a drink or two, they should not exceed three. Finally, the last reason why adolescents and college students are more vulnerable to alcohol is because of peer pressure and the desire for social acceptance. Often individuals will drink to fit in with their peers or to avoid standing out from the crowd.

Langley Source

As previously mentioned, the source for these problems comes not directly from the scarcely populated city itself, but the gigantic cities surrounding it. It is common for individuals from larger cities to go to Langley if there is a party, but even more common for Langley's adolescents to travel to large cities such as Vancouver or Surrey for such events. Bear in mind that this increases the chances of drunken driving accidents and fatalities. It is a widespread scenario for many of these party-goers to consume more than five alcoholic drinks, and bring this drinking pattern back with them to Langley. Lastly, many students will drink heavily during exam periods to reduce the overall amount of stress they may experience. It is crucial to note that this is a sign of later addiction and must be dealt with immediately.

Treatment in Surrey, BC

Even though Langley is a very small city, it has most of the treatment facilities available. This is beneficial not only for the people that currently have problems, but if a widespread outbreak suddenly occurs.

  • One Outpatient Treatment Center.
  • One Residential Treatment Center.
  • Twenty-Seven Alcoholic Anonymous Meetings.
  • Zero Alcohol Detoxifying Centers.

Ensure you seek professional help if you are suffering from an addiction and get yourself in a good treatment center for alcoholism. If you require a detoxifying treatment program, make sure you do the extra travel to Vancouver or anywhere else in a treatment for alcohol addiction in British Columbia. If you live in Langley, British Columbia and are in need of an Alcohol detox and rehab, contact us and we will gladly help you free of charge.



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