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Alcoholics Anonymous in Manitoba, AA Meetings MB

Alcoholism is a serious problem. Not only can an addiction to alcohol destroy an individual’s life, it can also wreck the lives of the people who love them. The problem is that the person who is addicted to alcohol is often the last person to realize that they are unable to handle their alcohol; they usually assume that they have everything under control. More often than not it takes something drastic, such as the court stepping in, or their family threatening to leave for the addict to understand that they need help.

In Manitoba the law that is most likely to get the addict into trouble is drinking and driving. The province has the strictest laws when it comes to alcohol and cars. Getting caught driving while under the influence comes with some pretty huge, life altering consequences. The DUI charge is usually the push the addict needs to ensure that they get the help that they need.

When a person in Manitoba gets busted for drinking and driving it can seem like the end of the world, however eventually it ends up being one of the best things that can happen to the addict. It is usually just the thing they need to make them get involved in one of Manitoba's Alcoholic Anonymous programs. Becoming a member of AA can completely change the course of the addict’s life.

Alcoholics Anonymous was first created in Ohio during 1931. Since then it has become an international organization and has helped millions of people overcome their reliance on alcohol. The program is completely designed around the twelve step program. The idea is that by going through the all twelve steps Definition of the word of the program the addict will be able to learn how to live with their addiction, avoid alcohol in the future, and become a productive member of society.

The only way that Alcoholics Anonymous can work is if the addict has completely committed themselves to overcoming their addiction, which means that they have to admit that they are no longer in control of the amount of alcohol that they consume.

Most of the time, the alcoholics anonymous program works best when it is proceed by both a detoxification process and a short term alcohol rehabilitation program. By going through both of these programs the addict will have completely removed all signs of alcohol from their body and already spent some time away from alcohol, making them more receptive to the twelve step program. Unfortunately, just because this type of addiction recovery is ideal, it isn't always possible. There are simply not a sufficient number of alcohol rehabilitation programs in Manitoba to accommodate everyone. There is often a waiting list. The other problem is that for some people the rehabilitation clinics are two far away. If an addict finds themselves in either of these positions, they should plan on attending as many AA meetings as they possibly can. The meeting will at least help start them down the road to recovery until a bed becomes available at the short term residential program.

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List of AA meetings in Manitoba

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