Alcohol Treatment in Nanaimo, BC

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Vancouver Island is located in the province of British Columbia. It has been known to provide beautiful wildlife and sea views for years. It is also a widespread fact that the cities among this island are incredibly close to one another, making access to each of them quite easy to do. Though it is a beautiful location and has a lot of unique charm to it, the Vancouver Island certainly has some problems. One noteworthy of which is alcoholism and teenage alcohol consumption. The city of Nanaimo is no exception for such a scenario too.

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About Nanaimo, BC

The city of Nanaimo is currently the second-largest city located on Vancouver Island, trailing behind Saanich, which is the first largest city. Nanaimo has a population of approximately more than eighty thousand people. Each of these people have different backgrounds and stories, and they all hold a significant role in the culture and charm associated with Nanaimo. This city first began as a coal city, where workers would live while working at the mines. Since the depletion of this coal, the economy has switched to forestry. In the end, the city of Nanaimo is booming. It has a significant and thriving economy on the Vancouver Island. This excellent economy has led to the development of large malls and life luxuries for all Nanaimo residents to enjoy. Unfortunately, the city is very close to Vancouver. Not only that, but the community feeling associated with the Vancouver Island increases the number of people at parties and peer pressure is a common outcome. Sadly, the city of Nanaimo has experienced quite a few alcohol problems, and although they are not as severe in other cities, they are still a cause for concern.

Alcohol Problems in Nanaimo, BC

The Vancouver Island University is located within this city. It serves more than nineteen thousand students every single single year. As such, drinking is common within the teenage and college populations. There are a few different reasons for this, all of which must be addressed and acknowledged if the city is to reduce the overall number of people suffering from alcohol problems. It is a good idea to note that the problems do not begin until mid-twenties or late-twenties in Nanaimo, and it is often a result of drinking habits one may experience during teenage years.

Nanaimo Youth & Alcohol Addiction Sources

Teenagers are the most common drinking age group throughout Canada. In almost every single community in every single province of the nation, teenagers are the number-one consumers for alcohol. This is due to the fact that they simply do not care. They are notorious for thinking “in the now” and do not consider or evaluate the negative effects drinking alcohol could have on their bodies. It is often used as a way to cope with stress, drinking during or after examination periods to reduce the overall anxiety they feel.

In addition, these individuals have the freedom of traveling to nearly any city on the Vancouver Island. This means that people from other cities can come to Nanaimo for parties - often brining alcoholic beverages and products that could harm Nanaimo teenagers. Essentially, the alcohol issues associated within Nanaimo is a matter of social acceptance and communication. Social drinkers often look for opportunities to drink without even knowing it, and are frequent binge Definition of the word drinkers. Though it may not seem like a big deal at the time, this can develop into a harsh addiction, and people will need some good treatment for alcoholism.

Treatment in Nanaimo, BC

The facilities Nanaimo offers to its residents are limited. One may have to travel to another city to an alcohol treatment in British Columbia if they cannot get the type of treatment they require. Take note that the treatment facilities are indeed present though. Alcohol treatment in Nanaimo, British Columbia includes:

  • Three Outpatient Treatment Centers.
  • Zero Residential Treatment Centers.
  • Twenty-Eight Alcoholic Anonymous Meetings.
  • Zero Alcohol Detoxifying Centers.

It is crucial to seek the assistance you need if you are suffering from an addiction of some sort. Remember to drink in moderation, and if you believe you are a social drinker, consider having an evaluation done by one of these facilities. If you live in Nanaimo, British Columbia and are in need of an Alcohol detox and rehab, contact us, and we will gladly help you free of charge.


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