Drug Detox programs in Ontario

As of right now there are approximately 256,000 people in Ontario who are addicted to drugs. The very nature of drug addiction means that unless these people get some kind of help for their drug problem, they will also be addicted to drugs, even if they want to break free of their addiction, they won't be able to, at least not without professional help.

The good news is that since it is the most densely populated province in Canada, Ontario provides the most drug rehabilitation programs. Right now in Ontario there are 43 detoxification centers in Ontario. Not only does the increased amount of detoxification centers in Ontario mean that more people can get the treatment that they need, but also that they have more options for treatment. If one rehabilitation program doesn't work out, the addict can enroll in another program, which might be just right for the addict.

The thing that people tend to lose sight of is that not all people are the same. The only similarity that the addicts who are enrolled in a program forget is that they are all trying to overcome an addiction. Different people respond differently to different types of treatment. That means that what works for one addict might not work for another addict. If the addict has gone through one program and not been able to kick their drug habit, they should enroll in a different one and see if it is more successful.

Detoxification is the first part of every drug rehabilitation program. Just like there are different kinds of drug rehabilitation programs, there are also different types of detoxification programs. The most common type of detoxification program in Ontario is a medical detoxification. This type of program often takes place at a hospital wing, and trained professionals use a cocktail of medications to help the person purge their body of the drugs and also to help ease the physical side effects such as vomiting and cramping.

A drug heavy approach to detoxification isn't for all people. Many of them aren't crazy with the idea of taking more medications when they are trying to rid their body of the ones that they are already addicted to. The concern is that in the process of overcoming one addiction, they could form another addiction. Instead, these addicts opt for a non-medical approach to drug detoxification.

Another form of drug detoxification that addicts might want to consider is a holistic approach. This particular form of detoxification usually works in combination with one of the long term rehabilitation programs in Ontario. The idea of the long-term approach to detoxification is that the person can rest assured that their body is completely free of toxins before they are set free to deal with their cravings on their own. These types of detoxification programs are called Bio-physical Detox.

Most of the time there is a one or two-day wait before the addict is able to be admitted into one of Ontario's detoxification programs.




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