What are the Best Ways to Resist the Urge to Drink Alcohol?

Drinking per say cannot be termed as a bad habit. If it is so people will not be toasting for good health, etc.; with drinks. Too much of anything is not good. This saying suits better to drinking than anything else. People give many reasons for drinking. The most common is giving company to friends. The second reason is the lack of mental strength to refuse a drink in big parties. The third and fewer touted reason is that alcohol has medicinal properties also. Whatever is the reason the real problem starts when the quantity consumed gets increased and a person passes the day without consuming a few pegs.

Getting out of the drinking habit is not a very difficult matter as one is made to believe. Since the problem is self-made, the solution has also to be self-made. Heavy drinking need not lead to addiction, for ruining a man’s life. It is bound to affect adversely his family life creating innumerable problems. Habits may change, and that will be a reflection at the workplace and loss of job also.

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If a person is truly remorseful for ruining the family life, it will not be difficult for him to recover the lost ground if he has the mental courage and will power. Because of the drinking habit, it may not be easy to get another job also and will not have money to buy drinks. Any amount of counseling will not help unless the person realizes his folly. The need for money and a working life real affection and love for his family are all matters which can really help a person to reform himself and get out of the drinking habit. A belief that nothing is impossible will give the necessary internal moral support for true rehabilitation and enter normal life. Never think of failure to be sure of success in all endeavors.

Created on Tuesday, 06 December 2011 03:20
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