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What Is The Life Expectancy of A Heroin Addict?

The life expectancy of a heroin addict is obviously greatly reduced compared to someone who doesn’t take any drugs. However, the actual life expectancy depends on which other drugs the addict is taking, as many will mix with alcohol, weed and even cocaine with their heroin addiction. However, most of the hardcore, long-term heroin users will die by the time they are in their 40s or 50s. This is because the actual lifespan of a hardcore heroin is addict is about 15 to 20 years old. Since most of the heroin addiction will start during their 20s or their 30s, it all makes sense.

However, there are other factors, which contribute to reducing a heroin addict’s lifespan in BC. First of all, overdosing can often be fatal. It can happen just by pure bad luck, if a heroin addict gets a batch that is of way higher purity than normal, his normal dose could lead to overdose quickly. Another big factor affecting the heroin addict lifespan is the environment and setting in which he or she is using heroin. If he is in a very unsanitary environment, the needles will often not be sterilized before each use and increases the rates of infection greatly. Another big problem is that many heroin addicts in British Columbia die of HIV at a certain point. Some get infected through needle sharing, other get infected through sex, as some will actually use sexual acts to fund their addiction. These are all factors that can greatly reduce one’s lifespan.

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So it is important to get a heroin addict help before it actually comes to a point where heroin is the thing running their life and before they get into a condition where they run the risk of overdosing, getting AIDS, etc. There are heroin rehab treatments in British Columbia that can help them get their lives back.

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Created on Tuesday, 29 May 2012 16:03
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