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Acetaminophen Detox And Treatment In Quebec

Acetaminophen is one of the most widely used over the counter pain-relieving analgesics in Canada. There are over 600 different over the counter products containing acetaminophen, and it is also found in some prescription pain medication. The drug is commonly used as a pain reliever and for cold and flu-like symptoms. People will take the drug to treat arthritis, back pain, headaches, toothaches, muscle aches, and cold and flu. Acetaminophen is sold as a liquid, tablet, gel caps, powders, and suppositories. The drug can be abused when it is taken in larger amounts or multiple brands of the drug are used at one time. The most common method to abuse the drug is with alcohol, prescription drugs, or illicit drugs. The combination of alcohol and acetaminophen does amplify the effects of the drug and does increase the chances of overdose.

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An overdose with acetaminophen does cause liver damage, and acetaminophen overdose is one of the leading causes of liver failure in Canada. Each year more than 4500 Canadians are admitted into hospitals because of acetaminophen overdose. Roughly 15% of these hospital visits are accidental or unintentional, and 6% of them lead to liver failure. The liver can process small amounts of acetaminophen, however, when it builds up in the liver it creates drug-induced hepatitis Definition of the word hepatitis . This problem is severe enough to affect how your liver functions, even resulting in liver failure. If you already have liver problems, the risk of liver damage is increased if you are abusing acetaminophen.

There is a common misconception that acetaminophen is safe to use and does not cause any damage. There are many things that lead to an overdose from acetaminophen, such as taking another dose of the drug too soon, using multiple brands at one time, or mixing it with other drugs. Large amounts of acetaminophen are toxic and do cause liver damage resulting in death or the need for a liver transplant. If you are struggling with an addiction to acetaminophen in Quebec, you must seek out help right away. There are drug and alcohol treatment programs throughout the province that will help treat the addiction. Detox is the first step and will ensure an addict can safely overcome their withdrawals prior to treatment. Counseling and therapy do help address the underlying issues connected to the addiction and addresses the reasons why someone became addicted to these drugs.

People from all age groups can abuse these drugs, and adolescents end up abusing them because of the easy access to them. Acetaminophen is found in most medicine cabinets throughout the province and is sold at every grocery store or pharmacy in Quebec. The abuse of acetaminophen will cause liver damage well before the user experiences any euphoric effects. However, when the drug is abused it is taken with alcohol, which will amplify the effects of the drug. The combination of alcohol and cough or cold medicine is popular among younger addicts. Acetaminophen is also abused with prescription drugs and this will increase the chance for an overdose.

The signs of an overdose with acetaminophen include nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and confusion. The effects of an overdose are not seen or felt right away, and the user could possibly have liver damage and not ever realize it. If you have taken too much acetaminophen, it is important you seek out medical attention right away. The risk of liver failure is high, and this will result in serious problems requiring medical help.


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