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Short-Term Residential Drug Rehab Centers In Alberta

In order for any addict to determine the severity of his or her addiction, they will typically go through an assessment, which can be done through Alberta Health Service or within a privately run short-term residential drug rehab program. The assessment process simply determines what type of short-term inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation will best treat the individual’s addiction, substance abuse problems, and mental health issues. After any type of assessment, the individual should take the time to organize the proper detox, whether it is medical or traditional, it can be done within most short-term residential programs within the province of Alberta. Throughout the province of Alberta are many different short-term residential drug and alcohol treatment centers, and the methodologies of rehabilitation include twelve-step, motivational therapy, cognitive-behavioral treatment, group and individual therapies, and non-traditional treatment such as wilderness-based programs.

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Short-term drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs can either be an inpatient center or an outpatient program. Short-term drug treatment will typically last one month or less, and normally; anything beyond that time would be considered long-term treatment. Within the province of Alberta are well over 70 different drug treatment programs, and many of these can provide their client's short-term rehabilitation options. The method provided for each drug rehabilitation program will not always be the same, but there will be traditional and non-traditional approaches for every type of addiction. Many different drug problems exist throughout the province of Alberta, and for many families, it can be difficult to convince a person to go for help. Short-term drug rehab centers are an excellent option for someone who may be reluctant to commit to long-term care. Most of these services typically last 30 days or less, and during this time most addicts can see some major changes and may become more willing to go through longer treatment.

Why would someone choose a 30-day program?

There are some good reasons why a person would opt for a 30-day or a short-term drug rehab program, and this may include:

  • It’s an easy transition into further treatment – these types of facilities offer in-depth rehabilitation options for addicts and is especially good choices for a patient who is resistant to the idea of drug rehabilitation. It may be easier to convince an addict to commit to 30 days rather than longer treatment, but once they begin seeing changes; they may be more open to further rehabilitation.
  • It will include detox and treatment – most short-term drug rehabilitation programs will include detox services for moderate or severe withdrawal problems. After this detox, the patient can easily transition into the remainder of the therapy and rehabilitation.
  • The cost will be significantly less - private short-term drug treatment programs will tend to cost less than longer-term residential treatment. This can be beneficial for families who are unable to afford longer-term rehabilitation.

There are many other reasons why an addict, and his or her family would choose a short-term drug treatment center, but whatever decision is made it is important the addict receives the proper help they need for their addiction.

The information below will help you on how to find a short-term residential drug rehab in Alberta. The list could be incomplete, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-877-254-3348.

List of Residential Short-Term Drug Rehab Centers in Alberta

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