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Alcohol Treatment For Youth In Canada

Addiction can be simply defined as dependence on a substance that has adverse effects on the social, physical and psychological behaviors of a person. Addiction, when it reaches its peak, may devastate someone’s life and even can be fatal. Alcohol addiction is a result of prolonged usage of alcohol, and it is very difficult to get rid of this abuse easily. Usage of alcohol is usually related to mental relief and temporary feelings of happiness. There are many reasons for the frequent use of alcohol. One of the main reasons is that in western society, it is socially acceptable and commonly used drink to get together especially.

In Canada, there are many types of drug abuses but the most common problem in Canadian society is alcoholism. In Canada, alcohol is considered as a socially acceptable drug and so used frequently. That’s why the growing number of alcohol-addicted individuals is increasing at an alarming rate. According to a survey death of 47,000 people is related to the addiction of any substance. Moreover, aged 15-25 are 60% of the total illegal drug users in Canada. These facts are very alarming as the young generation of a country is going to be wasted in the fever of drug addiction.

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In fact, the Economics of the Canadian government is going to be fallen in stress because of this excessive use of alcohol by the public. According to the Health Officer Council of BC, for every $95 spent by the drug users for getting the drugs Canadian government has to pay $5 on Drug therapy for their public health. Government of Canada has to pay nearly $8 billion for alcohol rehabilitation in its health care system annually.

Drug abuse not only disturbs the finance of Canada but also there are threatening an increase in road accidents because of use of drugs and alcohol. According to a survey 10% of total drivers driving at night show symptoms of drug use and among them, 8% are shown to be involved in drunk driving. Moreover, the increase in deaths of a drunk pedestrian is also very common in Canada. Statistics showed that there are 12.3 % of road accidents because of the drunk pedestrian.

Alcoholism not only disturbs the economy of the country but also reported to increase the rate of crimes, which are directly and indirectly related to drug abuse. According to an estimate, there are about thousand planned criminal groups and 14 gangs present in Canada, which are playing with the lives of minors. According to Canadian press high school kids who are smoking used to buy their cigarettes from criminals. Now Canada has become a leading country in the world that provides a major foundation for drugs.

In fact, the most threatening and dangerous fact is that the most frequently used material among minors in Canada is alcohol. About more than half of the youngsters are involved in drinking alcohol and most of them used alcohol in bad ways, which can harm them physically and psychologically. Among all teenagers using alcohol, some are more susceptible to the alcoholism, especially those which one of the parents has the same problem or some mental problem.

In Canada, the limit age for use of alcohol is 18 years, unfortunately, it is not actually followed and many youngsters break this law and start underage drinking. This causes huge alcohol problems in adolescence as they are very sensitive to it at this young age.

It is the most difficult thing in life is to get rid of alcohol abuse. The Canadian government must have such laws, which are linked to the minors’ underage alcoholic problems. Parents can play a very important role in educating their children for alcohol usage. It is necessary to give awareness to teens about the dark aspects of alcoholism and ways of moderate use of alcohol. There are many alcohol rehabilitation centers in Canada which are working very efficiently in all provinces for the rehabilitation of the nation’s youth. There are alcohol addiction programs, which help to release addicted youth from this painful life and enable them to be a healthy citizen of Canada.

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