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Alcoholic And Alcohol Treatment

Alcoholism is not an easy problem to solve; in fact, alcohol addiction is one of the hardest dependencies to treat. It creates a lot of damage physically, mentally and socially. Alcoholics have been around for thousands of years and have been creating a lot of problems in present and past societies. Alcoholism is the most spread addiction in Canada, after tobacco. What's making it worse than other substances is the fact that it is legal and socially accepted compared to street drugs which are illegal.

Alcohol Treatment Services is here to help you with alcoholism problems in Canada. We can refer you to the following services:

  • Residential Treatment for Alcoholism
  • Outpatient Alcohol Rehab
  • AA & NA Meetings
  • Alcohol Detox
  • Long Term Alcohol Rehab

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Our philosophy on Alcoholism

There are different philosophies regarding alcoholism that differ completely from one to another. You have the philosophy that alcoholism is a disease and that it cannot be cured—a person will relapse and fight all of his life with his alcohol problem or that the person is powerless and should turn over his life to the care of God. This type of attitude and treatment has been the norm over the last century and has supported millions of people of the years. We are not diminishing the good intention and willingness that these people bring because they want to help which is the most valuable intention someone can have.

Our philosophy on alcoholism is pretty much the opposite. The first thing you need to ask is: why do people become alcoholics? The answer is simply that alcohol addiction is an inability to cope with one or more aspects of life and this inability overwhelms the person. Let me give you a very common example. Someone has a hard time to communicate and is very shy. He would like to have a girlfriend but these inhibitions control him. Maybe he wants a raise at his job but cannot "sell" how good he is to his boss in order to justify more money. Then his wife is not happy because they do not have enough money to survive. He sees his child going through problems in life but cannot help or comfort his child to feel better. The person meets a good salesman but cannot say no and buys stuff that he does not need. We can go on and on with common examples.

Now one day, the person has a beer or more and he starts to "talk" even though what he says does not make sense and is totally ridiculous. He starts to feel that overwhelming feeling go away.  It is a "solution". It becomes his solution to communicate. Now he will drink more and more, he will bring less money, spend more, get more in trouble with his wife. He takes less care of his child and then gets a divorce, gets arrested for DUI, etc. While this appears to be a cliché, we can all easily find a person to which this has happened.

Alcoholism is a way to overcome an overwhelming feeling in life. You lose a girlfriend and you get drunk. It starts to feel better every time you drink until, of course, you sober up. You cannot deal with your husband or wife, stay at a job you hate, deal with someone in your environment you cannot stand. All these situations overwhelm people. Alcoholism is a sort of auto-medication. I am not saying that psychological medications are good. It is the contrary. When you have a hard time to cope with life, alcohol and any other street or legal drugs will not solve the problem. Usually, it will make you numb about the problem. It is like putting on a band-aid. What is needed to get in control of your life is counseling, life skills improvement, and a change of environment, being coached by someone exterior to the scene and competent. Alcohol, other types of drugs and medication do not help you solve the reason why it got you addicted to alcohol but brings more short to long term side effects problems, both physical and psychological.

There is hope and you can get rid of alcoholism once for all!