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Alcoholics Anonymous Closed Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous holds a lot of closed meetings. AA closed meetings are reserved only for members of the local AA group or for an AA member who visits from another AA group. So this means that no family members, no lawyers, nobody outside the Alcoholics Anonymous group will hear what is said. This gives the AA members a chance really to confide to the other members. The purpose is to provide the AA members with a place where they can address the different aspects of their alcohol problem and their recovery with other people with the same problem. There are often certain things about one’s alcohol problem that can really only be understood by people who went through the same thing.

The Alcoholics Anonymous closed meetings are very informal. There is no official way of proceeding with these meetings. This meeting is basically a discussion between all the AA members. Every single AA member is encouraged to join the meetings. This is because one’s participation cannot only help him or her, but also help other AA members who could be struggling. These discussions are often made up of the different members’ experiences and of alcoholism and how to get free from it.

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The Alcoholics Anonymous close meetings are especially valuable for the newer members of Alcoholics Anonymous. Since getting sober though AA meeting is a new thing for them, they can sometimes have a hard time actually getting sober. They can ask questions about alcoholism and how truly achieve sobriety through the AA meetings. With other AA members around, they can give them answers that are from actual experiences. It is also good for newcomers since they can get words of encouragement and hope from the older AA members who have gone through what the person is going through.

Closed meetings are very valuable and necessary for Alcoholics Anonymous to be effective and to continue on.

Source: http://aa.org


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