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Alcoholism And Family

The connection between alcoholism and family is not just the impact of the former on the latter. Aside from the social and psychological connection, there is also a genetic relationship between these two concepts.

Genetic Predisposition in Alcoholism

There are a number of factors that contribute to the development of alcoholism in a person; these include social environment, race, age, and sex. There is also another that has been proven to be really significant, and that is genetics.

According to studies, people who came from a family with a history of alcoholism will likely adopt the habit. Whatever gene found inside a family member's body that makes him or her unable to resist the lure of alcohol might also be present in other members within the family.

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Although conclusive studies have yet to come up to provide a scientific explanation as to how genes play a role in passing the habit from one-family generation to another, the theory does have a strong bearing judging from the evidence of alcoholic parents having children with the same problem.

Environmental Influence

There is a more valid claim when it comes to the connection between family and alcohol dependence. This one has got nothing to do with genes but has more to do with social and psychological connections.

Studies have shown that kids with problems of alcohol abuse usually have one or both parents suffering from alcoholism. According to these studies, children will likely think that drinking is not wrong if they have seen their parents doing it.

Alcoholic parents also create a home environment for kids where they are likely to develop low self-esteem and constant guilt. Loneliness, a feeling of being abandoned and a depressive atmosphere that commonly pervades a home with alcoholics are also contributing factors to children growing up with drinking problems just like their parents.

Impact on Families

Another connection between these two factors is the cause-effect relation. This is outside the scenario of parents passing on their habits to their children but is more on the issue of how their habits affect their children's lives.

Parents who have alcohol abuse problems might not pass the habit to their children, but it is inevitable that the kids' lives will be affected by their parents' drinking problems. Alcoholics tend to ignore their responsibilities; they are usually unable to hold on to decent jobs and can be abusive. Good alcohol treatment in Canada would be beneficial for people in need.

All these behaviors, without a doubt, will affect members within the family, particularly those who live under the same roof as the person or persons suffering from alcoholism. Children of alcoholics might not acquire their parents' habits, but their lives can be destroyed by the home environment created by this addiction.

References: http://allpsych.com/journal/alcoholism.html

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