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Alcoholism And Suicide

The connection between alcoholism and suicide are strong and well-documented. Not only are there emotional issues associated and connected between the two, but a vicious cycle is often developed that can ferment and enforce the negative tendencies of the situation. Connections can include depression, life hurdles, and the vicious cycle as just mentioned. Understanding the conditions can help you and your loved ones better cope with problems associated with these two issues.

Depression is often the cause of both alcoholism and suicide, and sometimes the two become a slippery slope into ultimate despair. All too often, individuals are pushed to drink because of lack of spiritual life, lack of a family support structure, or other issues. For whatever the reason might be, the individual feels that solace can only be found from their bottle of alcohol, and thus begins a well-trodden and sadly too common habit. Thus, depression leads people to consume alcohol in excessive amounts, and from this only can come more depression and thus more drinking.

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Life hurdles are often another reason that an individual without sufficient family backing or spiritual guidance will turn to alcohol to “solve” their problems. People have different approaches to solving problems and dealing with emotional stress, and unfortunately, some of these approaches involve completely ignoring the issues at hand and “drinking away” the issue (even though problems can never be drowned in the bottle, as you surely know). Nonetheless, the connection is quite clear between sudden emotional stress and drinking.

The vicious cycle between alcoholism and suicide should be quite clear to most people. As mentioned in the above paragraphs, an individual often turns to consume alcohol in large amounts and often excessive amounts because they are unhappy. What happens next is the alcohol negatively affects their mood even further, leading to even more drinking. And finally, at a certain point, a final low is reached. Without adequate support, and without a caring professional aware of their condition, life’s problems and issues can, unfortunately, appear all too overwhelming to some people. It is at this point that some people, drowning in their own issues and poor choices, will decide the only choice is to take their own life. Of course, this is never the best decision.

No problem is so great that it cannot be met with courage and confidence. No one is completely alone in this world, and there is always someone there to help if you are willing to extend a hand in alert to your situation. There are treatments for alcoholism in Canada.

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