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What is the Cost of Drug Rehab in Canada?

Last updated on: Friday, 3 May 2024
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The cost of drug rehab in Canada varies, yet there are two distinct classes of substance use treatment; subsidized drug rehab covered by provincial healthcare and private drug rehab. Several factors determine the cost of an alcohol rehab within the private sector. The programs funded by provincial healthcare may have some out-of-pocket expenses, such as room and board. However, provincial healthcare will likely cover everything if the program is provided within a hospital inpatient setting.

The costs for private drug rehab change based on the length of time a program is and the amenities it provides. In addition, there are significant differences in price between outpatient and residential drug rehab.

The Price Differences Between Private and Subsidized Drug Rehab

Government Funded

Generally free but has a long waiting list and could take time to be admitted.

Public Treatment

Low room and board expenses, but also have a long waiting list

Private Rehab

$5,000 – $35,000, depending on services and amenities. Immediate admission is usually available.

There are significant price differences between private and government-funded care. Within Canada, each province and territory has a single-payer medicare system that covers treatment for addiction and mental health. Sometimes this is entirely covered, or there are some out-of-pocket costs. Outpatient and inpatient treatment services would be covered by provincial healthcare. The out-of-pocket costs could include room and board, which could vary between a few hundred to a few thousand depending on the length of stay and the type of program.

Private drug rehab is paid entirely out of pocket, and prices vary depending on whether the program is outpatient or residential. Short-term and long-term residential drug rehab ranges between $5,000 to $35,000. Generally, programs that last three to six months are more expensive. Outpatient treatment is the least costly option.

How to Pay for Private Drug Rehab

Paying for private drug rehab does not have to be a significant barrier; there are options to consider. Most private drug rehab centers initially offer payment plan options through private medical loans to help break up the cost. In addition, clients may have an option within their province to apply for medical financing to pay for drug rehab.

Families may also want to consider crowdfunding, pooling resources, loans, or increasing the line of credit. No one is saying it is easy to pay for private drug rehab. Still, it is not impossible, and there are options available.

Also, some communities can help financially some of their people get treatment. Native American communities can have funds for treatment, and some religious communities can also be able to help.




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Nickolaus Hayes has been working with Drug Rehab Services for the past ten years. Over the past 15 years, he has remained connected to helping people who have been struggling with addiction. He first started working as an intake counselor at a drug rehabilitation center in 2005. During the five years as an intake counselor, he was able to help hundreds of people find treatment. Nickolaus was also fortunate to be able to work with professional interventionists, traveling across the country performing interventions.