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Are There Any Warning Signs for Heroin Abuse?

One of the biggest indicators for heroin abuse is previous drug use, particularly of the opioid variety. No one wakes up in the morning without ever trying drugs and decides to try heroin; heroin is a hard drug and one that people are not likely to abuse without some previous drug abuse problem. An individual using heroin may exhibit some physical signs of drug use, however: he or she may appear listless or unwilling to move. This is particularly indicative of opioid abuse. The individual may also present with sniffling or needle marks. His or her eyes may seem glassy and the pupils may be small and non-reactive. If someone is suffering from heroin abuse or heroin dependency, it is important to get them into heroin rehab as soon as possible, because overdose is very possible and very likely when the individual’s drug of choice is heroin.

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