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Bath Salts Detox & Treatment in Nunavut

Bath salts are not commonly abused drugs in Nunavut and are sometimes part of a larger drug problem that people struggle with. These drugs are coined as Designer drugs Definition of the word and the main chemical in them are synthetic cathinones, which are manmade chemicals produced in a laboratory. The drugs are designed to mimic naturally occurring cathinones that are found in some plants growing in Africa. The synthetic cathinones are far more powerful and dangerous and do have strong addictive potential. The population of Nunavut is small and is sparse across a large land area. However, there are large communities and much of the population is made up of indigenous Inuit people.

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Drug and alcohol abuse does affect some of the residents in the territory, and synthetic cathinones are appealing drugs because they are a cheaper alternative to cocaine and methamphetamine. Bath salts produce the same effects as cocaine and meth, and there is an increased risk for psychosis and extreme paranoia. Most of the chemicals that are used to make bath salts are illegal in Canada, yet they are still produced and smuggled throughout the country. People who use these drugs snort them, inject them, or the drugs can be smoked or swallowed. When the drugs are ingested or injected the effects are felt right away and can last for three to five hours or longer. When the drug user eventually crashes, the effects of the drug can still linger causing further paranoid behavior.

Because bath salts produce a high similar to meth or cocaine, the drug user will feel a euphoria, increased wakefulness, hallucinations, and feel a false sense of well-being. Dangerous health effects can also happen such as a rapid heart rate, chest pain, high blood pressure, seizures, and reduced appetite. When larger amounts of bath salts are used, there is a risk for severe panic attacks and extreme paranoia. In rare cases when using synthetic cathinones the drug user will experience violent behavior and psychosis. There is also a risk for suicidal tendencies, and there have been situations where a drug user has taken his or her life while using bath salts.

Struggling with a bath salt addiction or any type of stimulant drug addiction requires proper treatment. The drug rehabilitation services in Nunavut are local health clinics and some outpatient treatment services. If an addict is requiring specialized inpatient treatment, they would have to travel to southern Canada for treatment. There are many programs for the Inuit living in Nunavut and are provided within the various communities. Any type of drug addiction requires detox and therapy, and the detox process helps with managing the withdrawal pain prior to any therapy. The rehabilitation process will address the underlying issues connected to addiction. Regardless if it is outpatient or inpatient treatment, counseling is essential and does prevent any further drug problems from starting again.

The information below will help you on how to find a bath salts outpatient program in Nunavut. The list could be incomplete, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-877-254-3348.

List of outpatient treatment facilities in Nunavut

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