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Alcohol Treatment Programs In Brandon, Manitoba

Like any city in the world, Brandon, Manitoba in Canada has issues with alcoholism and alcohol abuse, but this city has taken a step to increase awareness of the dangers that alcohol can lead to, if not taken in moderation. There are several alcohol treatment programs in place to help those suffering from alcohol-related problems, in this city with a population of over 50,000 residents. Contact us and we will assist you in finding the right solution to this worrisome problem.

The most popular of these alcohol addictions programs is, of course, the Alcoholics Anonymous, or A.A., meetings that nearly everyone in a developed nation is familiar with. Brandon specifically has seven of its own Alcoholics Anonymous meeting groups that meet at different times across the city to fit the schedule of anyone seeking or needing help.

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What is there other than AA?

Another institution you can use to help overcome an alcohol-related problem that you may have is the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba or AFM. This foundation was created to be a beacon of hope for those struggling with an alcohol abuse problem, and it offers the Parkwood Centre for those living in Brandon several services, such as; alcoholism awareness education, on-campus rehabilitation, an impaired driver's program, and an in-home alcohol rehabilitation program. One of the great services offered three times a year by the Parkwood Centre is a family awareness program, wherein you are taught to recognize addiction and the dangers of it when usually family members become used to the sight of alcoholism and tend to write it off. This program is invaluable to family members of a struggling alcoholic, as it can help you recognize signs and symptoms of when it can be the most important for you to seek professional help for a loved one in need of an intervention.

In accordance with recent changes in provincial law, the fine for those individuals supplying underage drinkers with alcohol has increased from $1200 to $2000, and businesses that sell alcohol to minors will now be fined $5000 instead of the previous $2000 fine that was in place. This law was put in place to protect the minors from having easy access to alcohol in an attempt to protect the teenagers from themselves. In a survey conducted by the AFM in Brandon, MB, the polls randomly selected students, and 75% of the students reported that they had consumed alcohol at some point in their school career, and this number is staggeringly high. However, this number gets worse, as 90% of students reported having experimented with alcohol by the time they have reached graduation.

A Serious Matter

Alcoholism is nothing to be fooled around with; it is a serious offense, whether looked upon by the law, or the family and friends of loved ones who become afflicted with it or affected by it. There are resources available to those who desperately need help, and they are often funded by the local government, to ensure that the livelihood of the common citizen is protected. Whether you are suffering from alcohol addiction, or someone you know is having a difficult time moderating their intake, these alcohol treatment programs in Manitoba exist to keep you safe.

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The information below will help you to find alcohol Treatments in Brandon city. The list could be incomplete, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-877-254-3348.


List of Treatments for Alcohol Addiction in Brandon city, Manitoba

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