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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers In Calgary, Alberta

The city of Calgary has been on a rapid incline with its population, but within the last few years across the province, there has been a recession with thousands of people losing their jobs, and many turning to drugs and alcohol to cope with the problem. The city's population is just over 1.2 million and still growing, despite the rapid down turn in jobs. Drug and alcohol issues exist all throughout the city, and with most of the western provinces, such drugs as Fentanyl has been causing hundreds of overdoses each year. In order to help addicts and their families, there are over 190 different drug and alcohol treatment services situated within the city. The programs provided include inpatient drug rehab, outpatient programs, and conventional and medical detox services.

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Drug rehab centers can be found in Calgary in sufficient numbers. You can find government-funded treatment centers trough the AADAC which owns all the public drug rehabs in Alberta. The funded drug rehab centers can have waiting lists and a longer procedure to get in. However, there are a few private drug rehabilitation centers where the addicts can go and be admitted even the same day they arrive and get an excellent service for their drug treatment. Furthermore, private drug rehab centers can be a better option for difficult cases and individuals who have relapsed several times. Funded drug rehab will frequently ask that the drug or alcohol addict is completely disposed to go to a drug rehab center and sometimes that they are sober for a week. What does it leave to families that have loved ones that do not want to go to drug rehab? Private drug rehab centers know how to deal with that type of people and often the staffs are former drug addicts who can understand better drug addiction and comprehend individuals in need.

Here are treatment options in Calgary, AB:

  •   Seven (7) Outpatient treatment facilities.
  •   Ten (10) residential drug & alcohol drug rehabs.
  •   One (1) Detox center.
  •   Three (3) Youth treatment center.
  •   Five (5) Aftercare programs.
  •   Sixty-five (65) AA Meetings.
  •   Seventeen (17) NA Meetings.
  •   Two Al-Anon Meetings.
  •   Four (4) Cocaine Anonymous Meetings.
  •   One (1) Heroin Anonymous Meeting.
  •   One (1) Adult Children of Alcoholics Meeting.
  •   One (1) Naranon Meeting.

Short Term Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers Calgary

There are quite a few short term drug treatments located in Calgary, AB. By short-term treatment in Calgary, we mean a rehab that lasts 30 days or less. Just because they are short term treatments doesn’t necessarily mean that they are all the same. One can find private or government-funded short term treatments in Calgary and all over Alberta. Per the national database, the city has only one short term drug center ( less than 30 days).

Long Term Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Calgary

There are ten residential treatments in Calgary, AB and 15 in Alberta. There are 4 treatments that offer long term treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol. Two of them are just for youth and two rehabs for man only. There is no long-term treatment for women in Calgary.

Calgary Alcohol Abuse

There are many people in Calgary who drink a lot of alcohol and became alcoholic. Alcohol can affect many people in many ways. Excessive drinking can really damage one’s internal organs but can also really affect someone emotionally and mentally. Even if one doesn’t drink a lot of alcohol, he runs the risk of becoming emotionally dependent to alcohol and also developing a physical tolerance to alcohol. And the consequences of that can be catastrophic for the drinkers and the people around them.

Drinking is a problem that starts at a young age and so can follow one through his entire life. There was a study made showing how students in Alberta really drink alcohol, and when it starts. Those numbers also fit for Calgary and show just how early alcohol starts. For example, in a survey made with students, it was found that almost half of them said they had drunk alcohol at least once in the twelve months prior to the survey. This number is alarming because the majority of the students are not even of legal drinking age. In those that had drunk alcohol in the past year, there were a little bit more girls than boys, about a two percent difference.

The students of Calgary alone were surveyed separately, and 45,4 percent of them said they drinking alcohol currently.

All in all, there are students who drink at all ages. However, the statistics show that the Grade in which there are more students who start drinking alcohol is Grade 9. Actually, there is a higher percentage every year from Grade 7 to Grade 12. The older the students get, the more exposed they are to alcohol and so the risk of them starting to drink at parties and with friends is a lot greater.

People of Calgary need help in order to get over their alcohol addiction.

The information below will help you on how to find a drug rehab in Calgary, Alberta. The list could be incomplete, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-877-254-3348.

List of Treatment Services in Calgary, Alberta

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