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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers In Camrose, Alberta

Camrose is located in the Central part of Alberta, among some of the richest farmland in the prairies. It is a relatively small city which originally grew up along a railroad, and now grows along Highway 13. Camrose is a scenic city with many parks, leading to its moniker The Rose City. Camrose offers a relaxed lifestyle with a large part of its population who are retired.

Camrose is often named the Rose City, because of its large amount of parkland containing a large number of wild roses. Developed to withstand the drastic Alberta climate, the Camrose Rose was introduced to the city in 1995. It may be seen on display at the Bill Fowler Center.

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Substance Abuse in Camrose, Alberta

Like most of Alberta, Camrose doesn't have a huge drug problem. Most of the addicts in Camrose are addicted to alcohol. Since the folks of Camrose would like to keep their community free of drugs, they created a wonderful program called the Camrose Drug and Alcohol Task Force. Another way to keep the population from being full of drugs or alcohol is to have good drug and alcohol treatment centers in Camrose and surrounding cities.


The Camrose Drug and Alcohol Task Force was funded with a grant that was obtained with the assistance of the local Boys and Girls club. The task force worked with local schools, parents, and the community in general to assist with drug prevention and education. Today the program helps parents who have children in fourth and fifth grade teach their children about the dangers of drug and alcohol use.

The purpose of this task force is not to find people who are using, and possibly becoming addicted to drugs, but to locate the root of the drug's origins. The theory is that if the root is found and removed, illegal drugs will eventually be eradicated from Camrose. For a drug addict, there are drug rehab centers in Camrose to help them with their addiction.

The really wonderful thing about the Camrose Drug and Alcohol Task Force is that it is set up in such a way that it works in tandem with the local chapter of D.A.R.E. The double dose of substance abuse education will hopefully provide kids with the skills to make wise choices when they get older.

Legal Action

While the Camrose Drug and Alcohol Task Force are working on educating kids on the dangers of substance abuse, the Canadian government is trying to make adults aware of possible substance abuse by cracking down on driving under the influence laws. If convicted of driving while under the influence of either illegal drugs or alcohol, a person will lose their driving privileges and face a heavy fine, and could have even more severe penalties placed against them. The degree of the punishment can also vary depending on what type of drug the driver was under the influence of at the time of the arrest.

It may be difficult to locate a drug rehab in Camrose, Alberta. Unfortunately, the city does not have many resources for drug and alcohol rehabs. This lack of resources can make it frustrating when searching for any good drug rehab center in Camrose, or in the province of Alberta. Because of the immediate lack of drug rehab facilities in Camrose Alberta, you can spend endless amounts of time searching on the Internet.

When you are collecting information from drug rehab centers, sometimes the information can conflict with other information you may have gathered. There are some drug rehab centers, which will inform you that their facility has the best drug and alcohol program around. Some drug rehab centers require the addict to be off drugs before they come in. Other drug rehabs will not be able to give you a proven success rate, or they will be very vague about what their success rate is. How can a drug treatment center not be capable to inform you of a precise success rate? The answer is, either the drug rehab treatment enter has a poor success rate, or they conduct a very poor after care or follow-up program.

Drug Rehab Services has done his homework!

We have researched drug rehab centers in Alberta, and in the city of Camrose. The Drug Rehab Centers Canada standing philosophy is, to select drug and alcohol rehab centers, which best suit your needs. We will not refer addicts, alcoholics, and families to drug and alcohol rehab facilities, which use drugs (medication) to rehabilitate an individual. We believe a pill will not handle the problems of a drug and or alcohol addiction. It would be really nice to achieve sobriety with a pill. Fortunately, this is not the way drug and alcohol rehabilitation works. Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a lack of skill to deal with life. The drug addict or alcoholic’s life is out of control. Drugs or alcohol become their solution to counter their lack of life skills.

Here are treatment options in Camrose, AB:

  •   One (1) Outpatient treatment facility.
  •   One (1) Detox center.
  •   One (1) Youth treatment center.
  •   Two (2) AA Meetings.
The information below will help you on how to find a drug rehab center in Camrose, Alberta. The list could be incomplete, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-877-254-3348.

List of Drug Rehab Treatment in Camrose, Alberta

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