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Can Alcoholism Be Inherited?

For many years, people have been struggling over the issue of alcoholism in their community. The number of people who are checking into rehab centers across the provinces is steadily increasing. This is not counting the number of those who are not looking for treatment, or try to do it on their own. Recent research has revealed that close to 30% of Albertans admit to drinking heavily several times a week. Add to this, there is the fact that many of these people started drinking when they were under seventeen.

Family History of Drinking

Doctors, researchers, and scientists have been looking into the mystery of how alcohol addiction gets started. Besides the partying and casual drinking, researchers are looking for a link between family history of drinking, and the teenagers that begin drinking. Some evidence suggests that the development of alcohol addiction is at least eight times greater in families that have a history of alcoholism.

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Casual Drinking Is History

The different definitions of drinking history vary widely among the different doctors who are trying to find a correlation. There are a few striking similarities though. One of these similarities is that even casual drinking within the home presents a risk of alcohol addiction in other family members. Casual drinking, even at dinner, can give access to alcohol, and even unconscious permission to use alcohol.

Males Are More Susceptible

Research has also shown that male gender is three times more likely to use alcohol at a younger age. This is increased when both parents are heavy drinkers in the home. Most of the time, this is because they see it as a masculine thing to do through commercials and friendly banter.

Behavior Problems Increase Risk

While it has been followed, the genetic passing on of alcohol addiction has not been proven enough to satisfy many researchers. This does not mean that the possibility, or increased risk, is not present. In fact, in families where there is a family history, and the children display some uninhibited behavior problems, the risk is increased exponentially. This is because there is no inhibition were right or wrong is concerned. They are not affected by negative consequences and believe they can moderate their consumption once they have started.

Starts at Molecular Level

Out of the many genes within the human body, some researchers are looking into some new genes that have been found that may hold the clue to excessive drinking problems. These researchers are looking at the pathways of the genes to show whether the subject is more, or less prone to consume alcohol. Not only that but also to see if they are prone to becoming addicted. This research opens many new doors into answering the question of whether or not alcohol addiction is genetic and inherited.

Take Prevention Precautions

If your family does have a history of drinking, then it is recommended that prevention measures be taken to insure that it is not passed down. This means limiting alcohol consumption, and not drinking in front of children, or having open bottles in the home. If you need help. There are some good alcohol rehab centers that can help you fight your addiction.

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