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Can People Quit Heroin on Their Own?

When someone in British Columbia decides to quit heroin on his or her own, it can have various degrees of success, depending on the circumstances. However, for a long-time user, to quit on one’s own can be very painful. The first withdrawal symptoms will usually appear after 6 to 12 hours of having taken the last hit. Between the first and third day of quitting heroin, the withdrawal symptoms become more extreme. The withdrawal symptoms usually last between five to seven days. However, some people have been known to feel certain withdrawal symptoms weeks, sometimes months after having quit heroin.

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Some of the symptoms of withdrawal include fever, intense sweating, stomach pain, and anxiety. Those are just some of the symptoms. However, certain heroin addicts sometimes describe as just being in pain, all over, all the time. It is extremely demanding on the body, and many people will not be able to quit heroin completely, as sometimes the withdrawal symptoms are just too much to take, and it becomes easier to just take heroin to get rid of the symptoms. This is especially true for those in BC who have been long-term heroin users.

So it is much safer and often easier just to attend a detox program or drug rehab treatment in British Columbia in order to overcome heroin addiction fully in a supervised environment.

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