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Can Social Drinking Turn into Alcoholism?

There are many people that say that they drink only socially. However, the question that may arise is if social drinking can turn into alcoholism. It is quite an unclear line between being a social drinker and already developing alcohol addiction. As the drinking becomes habitually ingrained into one’s behavioral patterns, it can easily progress into a psychological or physical dependence over time. People start drinking for all sorts of causes, and social drinking may be just as dangerous.

Until the addiction is developed, quite a long time the social drinker realizes that he is drinking more frequently has more adverse effects, and he begins to lose control slowly. The first signs that social drinking can lead to alcoholism are that the drinkers will start drinking and driving, have some dangerous activities under the influence of alcohol, getting into a physical fight or continuing to drink although problems with family and friends happen.

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As the consumption of alcohol becomes more frequently, this starts to interfere with social relations and responsibilities at work, school or home, and sometimes, the drinkers even have problems with the law. Seeing one of these signs means that drinking isn’t just social anymore.

When someone sees these signs to people from family or friends, they want to help them get over the addiction, while it is still easier. However, remember that no one can help an alcoholic if he isn’t willing to admit having a problem, realizing the damages he had done to himself and the close ones and is asking for the help. When the alcoholic wants to get treatment, even though there will be days when he will be asking for a drink, you need to offer him all the support you can in order to help him get over this addiction.


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