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Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Drug Rehab Centers

Drug Rehab Services is a no-cost referral agency to inform you and help you find the proper treatment for alcohol addiction in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and all over Canada. We have helped thousands of people getting the proper help in the following services:

  •   Outpatient rehabs
  •   Alcohol counseling
  •   Residential treatment in Nova Scotia
  •   Detox program for alcohol addiction
  •   Private drug treatments
  •   Alcoholism help

Our goal is to provide you the best advice possible for rehab centers for alcohol addiction in Nova Scotia so you or a loved one gets a drug-free life. Since there are different kinds of drug rehab in Nova Scotia, there are several options and so one might need help deciding which drug rehab is best suited.

The island of Cape Breton accounts for under 20 percent of Nova Scotia’s population, and the population is numbered to be over 130,000 people. The drug and alcohol rehabilitation resources that are situated throughout the province of Nova Scotia are also there to help people on Cape Breton Island. Drug treatment resources are already scarce throughout most of the Maritime provinces, and Nova Scotia is no different, but compared to other Maritime provinces it does have more to offer for addicts and their families. Residential and outpatient drug treatment programs along with detox centers are available in Nova Scotia.

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Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Drug Rehabilitation Centers

Cape Breton has the second largest population in the province of Nova Scotia; the latest census shows that the population is about 102,250. People in the province of Cape Breton need a lot of care and support since the numbers in addiction and alcoholism are on the rise. According to a few surveys conducted by the Canadian Addiction Survey, they have found that there was a significant rise in the use of prescription drugs in Cape Benton, Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia, on the whole, has several clinics and drug rehabilitation centers where the addicted can be cured with a lot of professional care and understanding of their situation. There are several youth and teens that turn to alcohol, prescription drugs or even other drugs due to various reasons, and these reasons are known to the professionals in that field. With the proper counseling and treatment given, addicts can leave these centers to lead a normal fulfilling life.

Cape Breton Residential Drug Rehab

Throughout the entirety of the province of Nova Scotia, there are roughly nine distinct residential drug and alcohol treatment centers, and these programs can be accessed by people from all the different cities and communities across Nova Scotia. Most of the clients who are going through inpatient treatment in Nova Scotia are struggling with addictions to cocaine or pain medications, and require specialized care and detox for certain drugs.

Cape Breton Inpatient Drug Treatment Programs

There are just under ten various outpatient substance abuse rehab programs across the province of Nova Scotia. People who live on Cape Breton Island can access any of these services to help them with an addiction or substance abuse problem. If the addiction is too severe, they may want to look for a residential drug treatment center, which may be more suited to his or her individual needs. Outpatient drug rehab can offer the necessary counseling and therapy, but it will not provide a structured live-in environment for the patient.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs in Cape Breton

The multiple detox programs throughout Nova Scotia and Cape Breton includes conventional detox services and medically supervised detox programs. For anyone addicted to pain medications or abusing pain drugs, a medically supervised detox will be the safest option. Medical detox programs will administer other drugs to help stabilize a person through their withdrawals and ensure they can safely be tapered off of the drugs or stop the drug abruptly.

Addiction and Alcoholic centers around Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Although there are no listings for addiction and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Cape Breton, there are quite a few that you will find around the province.

Most of these centers follow almost the same kind of concept when it comes to treating adults as well as teens. These are steps that ensure that the addicted, as well as the alcoholics, follow the recovery process well since these programs have been designed with a lot of experience.

Most of these programs first assess the level of the addiction, and later intervene in the situation and help the addict get rid of their weakness. They then suggest the detox as well as the withdrawal procedures depending on the nature of the addiction and also set addicts up for a rehabilitation program. However, patients also get a lot of aftercare services so as to ensure that they do not travel that path again.

Drug Abuse and Dependency on prescription Drugs in Cape Breton

The number of teens falling prey to drug addiction and most importantly getting hooked onto prescription drugs in Nova Scotia is on the rise. In a survey that was conducted by the Canadian Addiction Survey suggested that there were 43.4% of those among the age group of 15 and over who have tried cannabis once in their life, while 13.4% have tried other drugs. From those who made use of other illicit drugs, including cannabis, 7.4% of them had fallen prey to some kind of harm. However, the number of people who used cannabis is as high as 86.6% in the whole of Nova Scotia to which Cape Breton contributes as well.

Police Raid Drug Houses in Cape Breton

The police of Cape Breton found that there were 26 houses that were suspected of selling and having people who consumed drugs. This is a huge number considering the fact that the population in this little province is just about nominal. Some of the drugs that were seized in these drug houses were cannabis, cocaine, other narcotics, and even prescription drugs like Oxycontin as well as Methadone. This alone goes to show that drug-related activity in the city which invariably increases the number of addicts.


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