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Drug And Alcohol Detox & Rehab Centres in Cassidy Lake, New Brunswick

Last updated: Thursday, 07, July 2022

Drug and alcohol rehab centers in Cassidy Lake, New Brunswick, are local community support services within the communities surrounding Cassidy Lake. Drug and alcohol addiction in New Brunswick impacts many of the communities across the province. When searching for treatment, most families choose an addiction assessment. The assessment process does narrow down treatment options but also helps the family understand the extent of the addiction. Addiction assessment could be done over the phone or in-person, but is a useful tool used. The first step in treatment is detox, but detox alone does not sustain long-lasting recovery or sobriety. There are two broad categories of detox, which include traditional detox or medically supervised detox. Conventional detox programs are excellent options for drug users misusing cocaine, hallucinogens, or any other form of street drug. Traditional detox does not offer medical supervision but is necessary before counseling or therapy. Medically supervised detox is the best option for severe alcoholism, prescription drug abuse, and heroin addiction. Medically supervised detox programs use a method of withdrawal management, which uses medication to control withdrawal symptoms.

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Following detox, there are different treatment resources within the province and across Atlantic Canada. Long-term residential treatment is the best option because it provides lengthy treatment, and all the resources are available within the facility. These treatment centers are therapeutic communities providing amenities and services addicts need to complete treatment successfully. Short-term residential drug and alcohol treatment is intensive short-term treatment options. These programs usually last three to six weeks and are the most commonly accessed treatment options along with outpatient treatment. Outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs such as intensive outpatient services and traditional treatment are also effective options. These types of programs allow the patient to attend treatment daily and are suitable for people who are still working or who have extensive family support. Other forms of drug and alcohol rehabilitation include group counseling, individual therapy, and aftercare programs.

Cassidy Lake is a lake located in Kings County, New Brunswick, and within the community of Clover Hill. The community is surrounded by the village of Norton, and other communities that include Poodiac, Salt Springs, and Southfield. Across the province of New Brunswick are numerous families impacted by drug and alcohol addiction. Alcohol is one of the most commonly misused substances, along with marijuana, and both drugs are easily obtained and legal. In 2011, Canada developed low-risk alcohol drinking guidelines, which is a set of minimum drinks men and women should consume on a single occasion. For men, this includes not more than 15 drinks per week, or no more than three drinks daily, or no more than four on any one occasion. For women, this is no more than ten drinks per week, and no more than two daily, or no more than three on any one occasion. Within the province of New Brunswick, 14.2% of those aged 15 and older exceeded the low-risk alcohol drinking guidelines, per a New Brunswick Health Indicators Report. The report also indicated that 25.3% of students in grades 7,9,10, and 12 were binge drinking at least once in the past month. Most problems with alcohol abuse do lead to the misuse of other substances, such as illegal street drugs or prescription drugs.


Marcel Gemme, DATS

Marcel Gemme, DATS


on July 7, 2022

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