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The Relationship Between Alcohol And Cerebrovascular Accidents

Alcohol has been found to be the cause of many ailments. Did you know, though, that it can cause a stroke? This is true. Have you ever head of cerebrovascular accident or CVA? This is when blood flow to the brain stops suddenly, preventing oxygen from getting to the brain, thus causing a brain injury and the high probability of a stroke.

What specifically causes a cerebrovascular accident? One of the several things: debris lodged in a blood vessel breaks free and runs directly to the brain. This is known as an embolic stroke. A blood clot blocks flow to the brain. This is a thrombotic stroke. A cerebral hemorrhage caused by a torn artery. This is a hemorrhagic stroke.

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Any blockage of blood vessels in the brain can also cause a cerebrovascular accident. So what can put a person at risk for CVA? Smoking, drug use, and excessive alcohol consumption are three preventable factors. When one or more of these factors is present, age and gender are of little consequence. A 34-year-old man can succumb instantly to a stroke without ever having had any medical problems. His history? Excessive alcohol consumption.

Having a stroke can be bad, but a person can recover from many of them. Having one due to excessive drinking, such as the cerebrovascular accident, can leave permanent damage and often lead to death. As seen with the case in point above, age and gender are not discriminated against when it comes to a CVA.

It would stand to reason that if alcohol abuse can damage the brain, and damaged brain cells can lead to a cerebrovascular accident, meaning a stroke, then mathematically; A plus B does equal C. How does a person prevent it? While some conditions are not alcohol-related, it has been proven that alcoholism can cause irreversible damage and lead to a CVA.

This writer suffered from a TIA in 2006. A TIA is a transient ischemic attack, also known as a minor stroke. In the emergency room, the medical staff had to ask family members if I had any history of excessive alcohol consumption or a history of drug use. In my particular situation, the answer was no. However, those questions do need to be asked because of the relationship between CVA and substance abuse such as alcohol or drugs.

It was decided during my stay in the hospital that mine was most probably caused by stress due to dealing with my son's injuries in Iraq. However, to this day, I make sure I am following a diet and exercise plan; I still keep away from drugs and alcohol as they are even likelier to cause a second stroke, and I do activities that allow me to keep my stress levels low.

Alcohol can cause a cerebrovascular accident. As we age, we need to acknowledge that strokes can happen. An alcoholic can speed up the process by engaging in heavy alcohol consumption. There are still plenty of enjoyable things to do in life that you don't want to miss out on.


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