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Christian Faith-Based Drug & Alcohol Treatment Centers In Nunavut

Within Nunavut, there may not be numerous drug and alcohol rehabilitation services, but the programs that are available include substance abuse counseling, assessment services, outpatient treatment, and programs for First Nations people living across Nunavut. Some of the drug treatment centers in the area can offer Christian based drug and alcohol treatment for clients. This involves various methods of treatment to help patients, and the programs will include faith-based therapy to help patients. If a patient does not have a strong faith; attending one of these programs can help them strengthen his or her faith. Faith-based drug rehabs help a patient build on their core values, or rediscover the values they once had before they became addicted to drugs or alcohol. An addiction will change a person, and not for the better, but it is important for family and friends to understand that a good person is still there underneath the addiction. The purpose of drug rehabilitation is to restore a person back the individual they once were. In this case, it can be done through faith-based treatment, whether a person was religious or still is, this type of treatment can help them through addiction.

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Can anyone go to a Christian based treatment center?

The vast majority of the faith-based treatment programs are designed for individuals who have a particular religious faith or belief already. This does not mean that these types of programs are only for people with strong spiritual beliefs, as anyone can attend these programs if they feel it is the best form of treatment for them.

  • Many programs are for people with religious beliefs or those who want to rediscover them – although Christian faith programs are designed for people who already have a religious belief; they can certainly help people who want to rediscover their spiritual belief. This can help an addict through his or her rehabilitation and provide them with spiritual tools to help them maintain their sobriety.
  • Each religious center approaches recovery from their perspective beliefs - for example; Christian based drug rehab programs design their treatment methods around the Christian faith, and help clients through spiritual recovery methods.
  • There are many faith-based programs available – with various options throughout the country, an addict can find a program that may adhere to his or her spiritual beliefs, which can ensure they can effectively recover from drugs or alcohol addiction.

Some of the programs may combine both secular and religious methods of treatment so as there are solutions to help an addict with any type of background or belief system.


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Marcel Gemme

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Marcel Gemme has been helping people struggling with addiction for over 19 years. He first started as an intake counselor for a drug rehabilitation center in 2000. During his 5 years as an intake counselor, he helped many addicts get the treatment they needed. He also dealt with the families and friends of those people; he saw first-hand how much strain addiction puts on a family and how it can tear relationships apart. With drug and alcohol problems constantly on the rise in the United States and Canada, he decided to use the Internet as a way to educate and help many more people in both those countries. This was 15 years ago. Since then, Marcel has built two of the largest websites in the U.S. and Canada which reach and help millions of people each year. He is an author and a leader in the field of drug and alcohol addiction. His main focus is threefold: education, prevention and rehabilitation. To this day, he still strives to be at the forefront of technology in order to help more and more people.

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