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The Circulation System And Alcohol: A Sinking Ship

The circulation system can be sorely damaged by the consumption of alcohol. This is because alcohol is a depressant Definition of the word depressant and when it is present in the body, it can slow down a person's pulse, cause breathing problems and lower blood pressure. Fortunately, these are short-term effects; however, there is the occasion or two where alcohol poisoning can turn this into a fatality.

On the other hand, long term drinking can do just the opposite to the blood pressure which also has a devastating effect. It can raise it alarmingly high. Anemia can set in and the heart muscle can severely deteriorate, which is irreversible.

More commonly known as the circulatory system, alcohol can lead to a blockage that prevents oxygen from getting through to the brain. As the alcohol slows down the respiratory system, a person who only minutes before was “partying” with friends suddenly experiences a dangerous and deadly situation.

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Imagine this: the earth is made up of water surrounding our beautiful islands and countries, right? This is how the circulation system works within our bodies. It is the life-sustaining ocean within us that allows the cruise ship of our bloodline to course through. It does this non-stop day and night. A beautiful ocean with a beautiful cruise ship of lights and wonders, of adventure and dreams, of 24-hour maintenance behind the scenes.

All parts of the cruise working together for a wonderful journey until suddenly, without warning, it is hijacked by a perpetrator who comes in and stops the flow of life. Just as we have seen time and time again throughout the world, our own circulation system is assaulted by alcohol.

Sound dramatic? Maybe, but there is nothing like visualizing what is being done in a way that can be pictured and understood than by using a parallel example. What we put into our circulation system for enjoyment does not mean our bodies will accept it as such. The fact that it is known that alcohol is a depressant means a person takes responsibility for what he or she does to their body.

Alcohol DOES damage the circulation system of an alcoholic. It does stop a person's breathing. It does cause short-term and long-term problems within the circulation system. One moment you can be partying away, the next you can be on the floor, your friends thinking you passed out when really your cruise ship has hit an iceberg much like the Titanic did nearly a hundred years ago. Alcohol can kill you and when it slows down your circulation system, you are definitely on a sinking ship.

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