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The 12 Steps Programs: Clutterers Anonymous

There are many different fellowships that have adopted the 12 Steps philosophy that was invented for Alcoholics Anonymous. One of them is Clutterers Anonymous.

Clutterers Anonymous is a support group for those who have an overwhelming compulsion to amass clutter. The group doesn’t really go over the different ways that one could rearrange his life, or manage their time better; instead, it looks to handle the underlying issues that are the cause of the clutter. The group actually uses Alcoholics Anonymous literature. They use The Big Book and The 12 Steps and 12 Traditions and usually simply replace the word alcoholic by clutterer.

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They also have changed the ever so popular phrase “we are powerless over alcohol” by “we are powerless over our clutter." They also have eight leaflets, which are only concentrated on Clutterer Anonymous and also a booklet contained 28 pages on the fellowship.

The fellowship of Clutterer Anonymous was founded in May of 1989 in the Californian city of Simi Valley. The only requirement for someone to join this fellowship is to have a desire to stop cluttering. In 2001, the fellowship could be found in 70 cities across 24 states in the US. It could also be found in England, Germany and Ireland. It has since continued to grow and it is still helping a lot of people overcome the urge to clutter their environment.

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