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The 12 Steps Programs: Co-dependents Anonymous

There are many different fellowships that have adopted the 12 Steps philosophy that was invented for Alcoholics Anonymous. One of them is Co-Dependents Anonymous.

Co-Dependents Anonymous was founded by a couple named Ken and Mary, from Arizona. They were both members of Alcoholics Anonymous and realized that besides their alcoholism, they also needed to handle their co-dependence issues. They also knew of other Alcoholics Anonymous members who were struggling with the same issues. So they joined together and held the first meetings on October 22nd, 1986. There were 30 people attending this meeting.

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Within a month of the first meeting, there were over 100 people at the meetings. It continued to grow very quickly as many were seeking help for their co-dependence issues. Before the end of 1986, Co-Dependence Anonymous held their first National Conference. This conference was held by 29 representatives from seven different states. This was all achieved within three months of the first meeting.

Ever since, it has been helping a lot of people handle their co-dependence issues by adopting the 12 step and 12 traditions created for Alcoholics Anonymous. Nowadays, there are almost 1,000 meetings in the United States and about 1,000 other meetings being held in 60 different countries. There are also a lot of online and phone meetings being held so as to provide help to as many people as possible.

This way, people can get support in order to reach healthy relationships.

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