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How Do You Prevent Cocaine Addiction?

Drug addiction has often been said to be one of the hardest types of addiction to give up. Cocaine addiction falls into the worst of these addictions. The drug itself works on the chemicals in the brain that regulates the "pleasure principle." This chemical, dopamine, is secreted into the synapses whenever the person has feelings of pleasure. Cocaine binds onto the dopamine Definition of the word dopamine transmitters and holds them in place for prolonged, more intense feelings. This feeling leads the user to an addiction that is very hard to overcome.

Cocaine addiction treatment programs are very lengthy and costly. The patient must undergo both a short term inpatient type of detoxification process while also going through a long term outpatient counseling process. This can mean years spent in a drug rehabilitation facility while recovering from the effects of the drug. In many cases, the effects are not easily reversed, if at all.

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Because treatment is so expensive and takes a toll on everyone involved in the process, many efforts have been put forth for preventative measures. These measures have taken the form of breaking up the importing system that has been put in place by the many drug cartels across the world. However, this has done little but give the cartels more incentive to raise the prices and find more innovative ways of importing the drugs.

Recently, the effort has had a shift from enforcement to education. Researchers have found that by being able to teach about the effects of cocaine, to children at a young age, and then they have a better chance of being drug-free when they get older. This educational effort seems to be more beneficial in stopping the spread of cocaine addiction than simply arresting the users and dealers.

Education is also happening in other areas where cocaine use is becoming a problem. These places are making use of new technologies, new educational information, and real-life examples to hamper the desire to use this illegal stimulant. Many places like office buildings, construction sites, and even public sector type of buildings are screening their employees, educating them, and presenting a tough stance of the use of illegal drugs like cocaine.

It is important to understand that no amount of preventative measures can completely eradicate the use of cocaine. However, people should be encouraged to know that numbers are declining slightly in the number of users and deaths. Keeping the educational effort alive seems to be one way of curtailing the addiction to cocaine.

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