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Crack Cocaine Addiction, Treatment And Detox Centers in Montreal, Quebec

Crack cocaine is making itself known almost everywhere. So far, it’s managed to immigrate to and prosper in about every community in every province. Some provinces and cities do better than others but there are no places free of this drug. There are drug rehab centers in Montreal but there are so many people out there needing their services that keeping up is a daunting task.

Crack cocaine addiction is a very insidious thing. It’s almost hard to conceive how psychologically addictive it is. Crack cocaine works basically by trapping the dopamine the body produces and inhibits the reabsorbing of the chemical. In layman’s terms, it makes a person feel really good and doesn't allow for the feeling to go away. It brings with it euphoria, a feeling of confidence, power and sometimes physical strength. It delivers all this within one minute or less of taking the drug. This instantaneous reward system is part of the problem.

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The other side of the crack-cocaine addiction is the physical stress it’s putting on the body. The heart rate increases dramatically and the blood pressure skyrockets. This stress is so great that heart attacks, stroke, and respiratory distress are very real possibilities. That incredible feeling the crack cocaine gives a user only lasts a very short while and when it disappears, the body compensates for having the dopamine trapped, and that euphoria is gone. In essence, the body crashes after being so high, this crash then seems so depressing and empty to the user that they must get another dose of crack cocaine.

There is hope in Montreal, there is a place where people can go to get clean and sober once again. Addington House is a residential facility that can house up to twelve people at a time, which admittedly is not that many as residential treatment centers go. The bonus here is that the person trying to change their life can stay for three months.

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