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Crack Cocaine Addiction, Treatment And Detox Regina, Saskatchewan

Cocaine is the number one problem in the capital city of Saskatchewan. The recent busts on two major dealers that both were known for trading prescription drugs have removed prescriptions from the street, but caused a rise in cocaine and crack cocaine. It has also caused the price of the drug to drop. Cocaine is now half the price that it was only five years prior. This makes for a lot of organized crimes, drug-related robberies, and prostitution.

Dealers usually finance their operations either by robbery or by becoming a pimp. These girls that they use are often addicted as well, turning tricks for the pimp to finance their habit as well. Cocaine and crack cocaine addiction is a dangerous game that often ends in death if an addict is not “lucky” enough to get jail time first. The risks of dealing and prostitution include getting killed by someone else on the street, whether it’s another dealer, or a robbery, but also the cocaine itself is a huge danger. Cocaine increases the heart rate until the heart just can’t take it anymore.

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There are separate drug courts in Regina, in an effort to break the cycle of incarceration, release, offend and repeat. By allowing people charged with minor crimes of possession, without any violence on their record, these addicts can choose to get help instead.  The program lasts a year on average, but it is not a residential rehabilitation. They are free to go home, but they do have to come in for random periodic drug testing. These addicts have access to counseling and someone to assist them with getting their life back on track with employment.

If someone you know is addicted to cocaine and you are unsure where to begin getting help, a good place to call is an intervention facility. Even if you do not feel intervention is right for your situation, they can get you started on the road to help someone with cocaine or crack cocaine addiction. There is a lot of paperwork and sometimes a long wait time depending on what facility you are trying to get into, and they can help you through that process. They help in getting someone in a drug rehab center in Regina so that they can overcome their crack cocaine addiction.

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