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Crack Cocaine Addiction, Treatment And Detox in St. Catharines, Ontario

It is less than one percent of all Canadians that use and are addicted to cocaine or its relative crack cocaine. This does not seem like a huge number to the average person reading this. However, to put it into perspective, cocaine is responsible for almost half of all emergency room visits in Canada, taking quite a toll on our health care system, and on the staff that works there.

In Ontario, there are quite a few options available to anyone who wants help quitting their cocaine and crack cocaine addiction.  Crack cocaine often can only be stopped through inpatient treatment, but in Ontario alone, there are sixty places ready to assist cocaine and crack cocaine addict save their lives.  There is one of these drug rehab treatments in St. Catharines itself.

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Cocaine is such a dangerous drug. Most of the time cocaine is snorted (breathed in through the nostrils) and within only seconds the brain feels the euphoria associated with this drug. The rush takes its toll on the heart, and brain cells as well, which can lead to coma, the heart stopping, convulsions and death. If the addict survives the cocaine experience, only forty-five minutes later at best the rush is over and the addict comes crashing back down. This rapid decent leads to depression, that can only be overcome with more cocaine.  This depression also makes cocaine or crack cocaine addict at a very high risk of suicide.

A condition called formication is very common with crack and cocaine addicts. It is the belief beyond all reason that insects or snakes are crawling around under the skin, and sometimes out of the skin. Many cocaine addicts dig holes in their own body trying to get these animals that do not exist out of them.

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