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The 12 Steps Programs: Debtors Anonymous

There are many different fellowships that have adopted the 12 Steps philosophy that was invented for Alcoholics Anonymous. One of them is Debtors Anonymous.

Debtors Anonymous is a fellowship that seeks to help those that keep incurring debts, to stop this vicious circle. This all started in 1968, when certain members of the Alcoholics Anonymous fellowship were in financial trouble. They banded together and tried various methods to help themselves with their finances, but they had failed with each one. In 1971, they started using an adapted form of the 12 steps philosophy to help them with their problems. It did them some good, but they were disbanded soon after.

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In 1976, there were about 2 or three people started meeting regularly every Wednesday in New York City. They used the 12 steps philosophy and were really trying to handle the financial problems they had incurred. As part of the 12 steps that they undertake, they make up a plan as to how they will repay their debt. That way, they can actually take actions to handle their situation.

In 1987, they held the first General Service Conference for Debtors Anonymous in Manhattan. So the Debtors Anonymous fellowship continued to grow steadily and as of 2009, there are over 500 Debtors Anonymous weekly meetings being held all around the world.


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