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Alcoholism And Diabetes: A Deadly Combination

Some couples just were not meant to be together. You see them fighting all the time or doing something to hurt each other. Another couple that should absolutely never be together? Alcoholism and diabetes. Together, they can be a deadly combination. Diabetes has enough complications with blood sugar problems, eye problems, circulation problems leading to the possibility of having a limb removed. Aggravating these issues with alcoholism can lead to advanced problems or even death.

Diabetes and blood sugar go hand in hand so it needs to be understood that when a person drinks, even moderately, the alcohol prevents the liver from releasing sugar into a person's bloodstream. This tells us that alcohol does not raise the blood sugar but rather, the opposite; it makes it drop. Mixing alcohol and medication does lower your blood sugar, and you have a bigger problem as then your blood sugar will literally plummet.

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The truth is, alcohol is not just alcohol. It is also made up of sugar. So if you are a diabetic, you are hurting yourself by drinking alcohol. If you have other conditions also, such as nerve damage known as diabetic neuropathy. Instead of the buzz and numbness, you think you would get with alcohol; you will instead be increasing the pain and tingling of the nerve damage.

All in all, alcohol is really not a good idea for anyone who is diabetic. Other conditions are more likely to happen in someone who has diabetes so if that person drinks alcohol, this could prove to be a greater risk. Heart disease, blood pressure problems, nerve damage, liver damage, these are greater risks for drinkers when they already have diabetes.

How many times do you go along and think your diabetes is fine, and then you have an “episode”? Your sugar drops and you need it attended to right then. Some people think if you have your diabetes under control, that drinking a couple of alcoholic drinks is not a problem. But honestly? A beverage high in sugar that stops your liver from releasing sugar and causes your body to counteract against your diabetes is the wrong thing to do. So overall, it is strongly encouraged that a person with diabetes stays away from alcohol altogether.

People have died from alcoholism. People have died from diabetes. Combining the two increases the risk of this. Why take a chance when you can live a great and full life with a diabetic condition without alcohol? In the end, having diabetes, while still a condition to be watched over carefully, does not have to lead to constant sugar problems. Staying away from alcohol can help ensure this.

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