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Adam Weisberg

Mr. Weisberg is a Toronto Criminal Lawyer practising in the Toronto, Ontario area. There are many legal developments in criminal law that a defence lawyer must follow to stay on top. Criminal Lawyer in Toronto, Adam Weisberg, tirelessly researches his clients' cases to provide the best defence.  He conducts trials and appeals, including defending allegations of homicide, domestic assault, sexual assault, drug trafficking, robbery, major fraud, and driving offences. He has devoted his professional career to not only representing those with financial means but also ensuring that the underprivileged and those facing discrimination are given equal access to the criminal legal system.

Many of Mr. Weisberg's criminal cases are high profile. His criminal cases have been written about in the national media, including the National Post, Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star. He successfully argued that serious drug charges be dismissed in a case involving police misuse of Tasers against a defendant. The Tasering officers' version of events were not accepted by the trial judge and their actions were found to constitute "cruel and unusual punishment". In many cases, Mr. Weisberg has also successfully established breaches of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms against his clients. These Charter breaches have led to stays of prosecutions and exclusions of evidence leading to acquittals.


  • Street: http://www.weisberg.ca/
  • Postcode: http://www.weisberg.ca/
  • City: Toronto
  • Province: Ontario


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Substance Abuse Treatment, DUI Lawyers, Drug Charges Lawyers, Toronto

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