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Addiction Services - South West Health

Based in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Addiction Services - South West Health provide clients with services that are all aimed at helping them recover from drug abuse and addiction. The services which are offered include counselling and group therapy. They also provide treatments for clients such as detox. Similarly, they also ensure that they do so in a safe and accepting environment. The facility and the team at Addiction Services recognize the need for a support system for the client to fully recover. Due to this, they also offer educational programs for the families of the clients, to inform them.


  • Street: 60 Vancouver Street
  • Postcode: B5A 2P5
  • City: Yarmouth
  • Province: Nova Scotia


  • Telephone: (902) 742-2406
  • Fax: (902) 742-0369
  • E-mail
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