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Alberta Health Services - Adult Detoxification High Prairie

Alberta Health Services has designed a grand recovery service for adults and adolescents that need addiction and drug recovery treatment. Their High Prairie center provides addiction recovery treatment to adolescents and young adults that need moderate to severe support to recover properly. They provide addiction recovery through the Protection of Children Abusing Drugs (PChAD) Program, which uses compassionate support to provide detoxification and counseling services to youth. It is available to clients after the assessment; it will diagnose the client's recovery needs properly. It also provides safe housing for the child if they are permissible to harm themselves or others.


  • Street: 5409 47 Street
  • Postcode: T0G 1E0
  • City: High Prairie
  • Province: Alberta


  • Telephone: (780) 523-3372
  • Fax: (780) 523-3922
  • E-mail
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Services Offered

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