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Winnipeg Booth Centre

Winnipeg Booth Centre provides a complete continuum of addiction treatment services to individuals, families, and the homeless. They offer addiction treatment through residential services, which offer a temporary home to the homeless men and women as well. This program aims to provide sober shelter services to the community; it encourages healthier behaviour in the clients staying at the facility. They also offer comprehensive residential treatment to clients through their anchorage addiction treatment program, which provides treatment for 60 days; however, more days could be added if the client needs aftercare services. They also provide intensive residential treatment at the haven, where integrated treatment for mental health and substance abuse issues is given.


  • Street: 180 Henry Ave
  • Postcode: R3B 0J8
  • City: Winnipeg
  • Province: Manitoba


  • Telephone: (204) 946-9400
  • Fax: (204) 943-8898
  • E-mail
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Services Offered

Aftercare, Winnipeg Residential Long-Term, Assessment, Group Counselling, Residential Drug Rehab, Sober Living, Substance Abuse Treatment, Winnipeg Residential Treatment, Shelters, Winnipeg

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