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Brock Cottage

Based in Brockville, Ontario, Brock Cottage is a shelter for men who struggle with drug abuse and addiction. It is a facility which offers various forms of therapy and is open to men who require help. The facility mainly offers counselling and therapy, both individual as well as group. Similarly, they also offer educational programs for the residents, to help them improve social and life skills as well, so that they may improve their lives in as many aspects as possible. The facility provides meals, clothing and laundry services to the men as well. It is a safe environment for the clients, so that they may recover.


  • Street: 58 Wall Street
  • Postcode: K6V 4S1
  • City: Brockville
  • Province: Ontario


  • Telephone: (613) 342-6415
  • Fax: (613) 498-1376

Services Offered

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