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Who Answers

Our phone line is staffed by knowledgeable rehab specialists ready to assist you. From 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday to Friday, and all day Sunday, a specialist from DRS will answer your calls. Outside these hours, your calls will be handled by a rehab specialist from “Together We Can,” a treatment facility in BC, ensuring you receive support whenever you need it.

Centre Walgwan

Last updated on: Monday, 22 April 2024

If you wish to contact the center directly, the contact information is listed below.


With full respect for the dignity and value of each person, the Centre provides a safe environment to each First Nations and Inuit Youth with a personally centered, holistic and culturally appropriatetransition to her/his own path to well-being and a healthy life.
By “Youth” we mean any First Nation or Inuit Youth, aged 12 to 17, who acknowledges an unhealthy dependence on solvents, and other substances and addictive activities. We also include her/his family and community with whom we work in a supportive partnership.
By “transition” we mean working in partnership to support the Youth through the different recovery steps, including the pre-Centre ‘preparation’ and the ‘after care’.
By “personally centered” we mean that we take each person where s/he is, and support her/him on the transition to where s/he wants to go.
Culturally based:
The Centre brings in Elders to share knowledge of the different First Nations’ traditions. This enables each Youth to benefit from an appropriate cultural and traditional healing and teaching.

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