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Charness, Charness & Charness

Charness, Charness & Charness is a full service law firm which provides a wide range of services for its local, national and international clients. It prides itself on its communication skills and specializes in making Canadian law understandable to those not familiar with the Canadian legal system.

The firm has been handling commercial claims for over three quarters of a century. It acts for some of the largest collection houses in the world, and has recovered of commercial claims in all 10 provinces and 2 territories of Canada.

The firm specializes in Credit Insurance claims & is advertised in Berne Union 2000. It also handles Insurance Subrogation claims for insurance companies around the world, as well as commercial claims of every nature.


  • Street: 614 St-Jacques, 5th Floor
  • Postcode: H3C 1E2
  • City: Montreal
  • Province: Quebec



Services Offered

Substance Abuse Treatment, DUI Lawyers, Montreal

Meet an Expert

Sylvain Fournier

Sylvain Fournier | Bio

Across Canada, there are many different treatment options to choose from, private, government-funded, inpatient, and outpatient. See More