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Community Addiction Services of Niagara

Last updated on: Wednesday, 30 August 2023

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The entry point for all potential clients. Early Recovery: This program runs continuously and can be accessed at anytime after IntakeAssessment. Day Treatment: Four weeks in duration, this program is an intensive treatment option which addresses numerous lifestyle issues associated with substance abuse and treatment. This program is a closed intake program which repeats on a cyclical basis (offered a minimum of 12 times per year). Aftercare: A continuing caresupport program offered on a weekly basis. The agency offers co-ed groups and a Women’s specific group. Individuals who are not transferring directly from the Day Treatment Program must engage at the IntakeAssessment phase of service prior to joining an Aftercare group. Healthy Emotions in Recovery: A component of aftercare particularly for individuals, in rehab from substance abuse, who are currently engaged in some form of aftercare.

Addiction Treatment Services


Canadian Centre for Accreditation
Registered Canadian Charitable Organization

Rehab Setting

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
Sober Living
Substance Abuse Treatment

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Substance Abuse Counselling
Substance Abuse Counselling for Individuals
Substance Abuse Group Counselling

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60 James St, St. Catharines, ON


(905) 684-1183