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Crosbie House

Last updated on: Monday, 18 September 2023

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Crosbie House is a residential and rehab center which is based in New Minas, Nova Scotia. This facility offers shelter to those individuals who are homeless and struggle with substance abuse and addiction. They also have an array of programs and services which are all designed to help the clients recover and live drug-free lives. The facility does so through counselling and group therapy, along with individual therapy. Educational programs are also made available to clients. The clients are also offered aftercare services to ensure they do not relapse. If they do, there are special programs designed to cater to their recovery.

Addiction Treatment Services


Registered Canadian Charitable Organization

Rehab Setting

Inpatient Rehabilitation
Residential Short-Term
Substance Abuse Treatment

Services Offered

Holistic Services
Prevention / Education
Relapse Prevention
Services for Employees
Substance Abuse Counselling
Substance Abuse Counselling For Families
Substance Abuse Counselling For Individuals
Substance Abuse Group Counselling
Twelve Steps

People Served

Family Programs

Contact Information


113 Cornwallis Ave., New Minas, NS


(902) 681-0613