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DiverseCity Community Resources Society - Substance Use Counselling

Diversecity Community Resources Society offers various counselling services to improve the lives of families that are struggling with addiction and substance abuse issues. This facility also offers substance abuse counselling to refugee and immigrant families. They aim to improve the lives of these families by giving them various opportunities for growth through recreational and community meetings. They also offer integrated counselling for substance abuse and mental health issues through their outpatient counselling sessions. They offer integrated counselling through individual and group counselling sessions, where the later is used to offer a multitude of other services.


  • Street: 13455 76 Avenue
  • Postcode: V3W 2W3
  • City: Surrey
  • Province: British Columbia


  • Telephone: (604) 547-1375
  • Fax: (604) 597-4299
  • E-mail
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DiverseCity Community Resources Society

Services Offered

Couple Counselling, Individual Counselling, Family Counselling, Group Counselling, Outpatient Drug Rehab, Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention /Education, Surrey Outpatient Treatment, Surrey

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Sylvain Fournier

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Across Canada, there are many different treatment options to choose from, private, government-funded, inpatient, and outpatient. See More